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Irish Stew of Sindidun - Lady of New Tomorrow

Irish Stew of Sindidun

Lady of New Tomorrow

Uvod: Hm G D A | ×4

 Hm                  G             A              Hm
Down the Hills in a valley lives a lady young and fair
Hm            G           A          Hm   
And of such a beauty with nothing to compare
    D            Hm              A              Hm
She owns wind in golden hair and morning in her smile
     D           Hm          A               Hm
And every time I see her, she makes my heart beguiled

              D                A               Hm                          
So, won't you come, dance with me? The child inside believes in fairies.
          D             A                 Hm
With that dress, like a queen, with those lips stolen cherries
          D              A                    Em                Hm
With your face, sleeping grace, I don't need drink to drown the sorrow.
          D                A           G  A             Hm
Won't you come, dance with me? Take me home to new tomorrow

Prelaz: Isto kao uvod.

I hope the day is near, I will wear my smart clothes
Walking firm and proud ripping thorns of white rose
To court the hand of lady that sorely won my heart
Creating new tomorrow, we'll never be apart.

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